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Hello, Trent here. I live in Palmers Rest, North Carolina and with a raft of strange people you might know from the new book, Sorrows’ Master (about THIS FAR from being up in the kindle store at Amazon.com). The story in that book leaves you in Palmers Rest about 2007.

No, I am not starting this blog late. Yes, an awful lot has happened since then. I’ll catch you up if I can…or you can read the books. However, we’re only now getting published , so…a bunch of color commentary is only fitting.

We aims to amuse, starting now. By writing a blog, of course.

Ms. Fredman, the *cough* author, says of this site, “Mage-Net is the in-character but out-of-story hangout spot for the Alex and his Coven as they live their lives in Palmers Rest.” (Actually, she was less flattering than that.) In other words, this is one of the two companion sites for the Sorrows Chronicles, which begins with the book, Sorrows’ Master, available around New Years, 2014, at the Amazon.com kindle store. I suppose you could categorize it as “urban fantasy with a side of paranormal romance of the ambivalently sexual variety.” As in, who does the hero marry in the end? EVERYONE. Ahahahahaaa….*ahem* Sorry. Got carried away. Anyhow, please consider reading the book.

Ms. Fredman is doing the author thing over at ne-fredman.com, where she’ll be posting artwork and free stories that go along with the Chronicles. Check in there, too. You might find it amusing. Jimmy, our resident photographer and Photoshop Artiste, gave her the materials for those images. Sure, she says we’re only FIGMENTS (of her imagination), but I have a bone to pick about that. *pinches self* Nope, I feel alive and material. Hmph.

Anyhow: As Ms. Fredman says we “put [our] feet up on the furniture, are smoking her cigars, tuning her partner’s TiVo, and drinking all the booze in her cabinets while filling her head with many more stories.”  Yup, guilty as charged. And hey, she likes good cigars and our TV tastes aren’t that far apart.

Yes, there will be more! So, please stay tuned. I have a day job at a newspaper, but I’ll try to keep you up to date. Deal?

WELCOME to the madhouse. :D

5 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. I just finished reading the first book. I could barely put it down, but I’m so upset that there are no other books available at this time. I’m practically in tears. I’m a 59 year old gay male nurse who so craves that loving and fucking relationship described in the story. Please have Alex and Ian use all their considerable talents to force Ms. Fredman to get a sequel finished. I’m grieving because of the end of the story. I’m in love and in lust with all of the Coven.

  2. Dear Mack,
    Whoah! This is high praise. I blush, truly I do. Trent assures me that he will, at first opportunity, browbeat Ms. Fredman into drawing fewer plot diagrams and writing more plot!

    • Alex,
      I’ve been to this site a hundred times hoping that I would see some mention of the new books but nothing yet? What”s up with that?. Any speculation when we will be able to read about your life again. Fans grow fickle quickly! When you read as much as I do, it is easy to loose track of even your favorite people. Hope to hear from Ms. Fredman soon

  3. Thanks Trent,
    Upon further reflection, you are the perfect person to get the job done. Left up to Alex she would be literally loved to death and she would probably not be able to continue to write if Ian were to force her. She would be missing a few fingertips at least. If she will not cooperate just call out the cops and the city council since you have the inside pull with both.
    Thanks again

  4. Hey, Mack,

    Yes, I know the lame excuses get old. And Ian and Mike have BOTH been up to Maryland to glare at poor old Fredman repeatedly–especially since #2 is a lot about them. You’re right, Ian would give her a manicure she would not soon forget, but we stopped him by reminding him that blood on keyboards causes them to seize up, slowing the process further.

    Alex is fidgeting enough to drive us all crazy. Some of that is because he had his 29th birthday this month (on the 5th) and is feeling rather Old. Feh. Kerry’s birthday is before his, and he’s not bothered.

    However, some progress is being made. The old gal told me she was stumped for the longest time, feeling like there was something missing, but is getting on with it now. Tamara has stepped up to the place and is managing to move things along.

    Gah. It’s a group effort.

    Back to the newspaper office for me…


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